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Institutional Goals

Organizational Strategies

Programmatic Areas

Democratic Commission for Human Development (DCHD) is a registered non-governmental organization. DCHD is committed to create a tolerant, democratic and pluralistic society based on human rights principles and ideals. DCHD resolves to fulfill this vision by undertaking integrated initiatives in human rights education, research and advocacy.


To create analytical consciousness about the dynamics of existing socioeconomic and political structures among the disadvantaged strata of society.

To create wider societal support for social, political and economic structures based upon the principle of participatory human development and socio-economic justice in Pakistan.


Human Rights Education

Human Rights Awareness

Human Rights Campaigning & Advocacy

Research, Documentation and Publication

Networking & Building Alliances


Democratization of Society

Educating Professional Groups in Human Rights Framework

Youth Mobilization for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

Empowering Marginalized Section of Society



DCHD Programs

Community Based Paralegal Training Program 2012-2014
Journey through Criminal Justice System in Pakistan 2011-2012
Emergency Relief for earthquake and flood victims
Teachers Human Rights Training Program–Sindh & Punjab 2010-2011
Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan 2009–2010
Youth Mobilization for the Promotion & Protection of Human Rights 2007-2009
Election Observer
International Observer
Asian Network for Free Election
Advocates Human Rights Training Program - Pakistan 2007
Perception of Women in the Rural Communities of Sindh 2005-2006
Rolling Back the Death Penalty Project 2004 - 2006
Election Monitoring October 2002
Asian Network for Free Election (ANFREL)
Human Rights Community Awareness Program 1999-2000
Human Rights Education Program. Punjab, Sindh & K.P. 1998-2000

National Campaign Against Torture

Right to Fair Trial: A Journey through Criminal Justice System in Pakistan Launched.

Pakistan ratified International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention against Torture, Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) in June 2010. By ratifying these international instruments, Pakistan has undertaken the obligation to bring about legislative, judicial and administrative measures necessitated by these treaties. Read more...


For the Year 2013-14,  DCHD is elected as Secretariat of National Coalition Against Bonded Labour (NCABL)

Hum Kaise Pakistan Chati Hai

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